Monday, January 30, 2006

Scary Movies

Had a real lazy day at home today, updated the website with loads of atered stuff then watched White Noise,bloody hell it was scary!! Had to stop half way through and chat to some friends online before I dare go watch the rest!!! I am such a light weight now,I used to be able to watch any type of film when I was younger, but now Scooby Doo scares me!!! Just hope I dare go to the loo in the night without turning every single light on first!!

Have so many orders to pack tomorrow, Elizabeth is coming to scrap too,so that will be good,I can get her to help pack - she likes that!!! I did manage to scrap 2 layouts on Saturday,not sure if I'll be able to manage another 3 though.

Have a poorly tummy so I'm off to bed early- wish me sweet dreams and not nasty scary ones!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I hate housework

Got up early today to tidy up, we're going to friends for dinner tonight and din't want to come back to a mess so got up early and have done it!

I intend to scrap today, I'm hoping that if I write it here it will happen!! Going to get the orders done then the rest of the day is mine. A friend might be popping in to scrap too, so it should be fun.

The only trouble is that half my stash is at home and half my stash is at the shop, andI always end up nicking stuff from the shop anyway!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Scrapbooker Of The Year Layouts

I've had boxes and boxes of stash arrive today,one of them being the latest Scrapbook Magazine with ME in it!
I can now share the layouts with you

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I've actually scrapped!!

Shock, horror I made time to do something creative last night and it felt good!! I never get the time to scrap at the shop as there are always orders to pack or kits to design and I have been so frustrated lately because my hobby started this business but now I have no time for it :(
I have loads of kits to use and I did want to enter the Best of British competition but I won't have time now, however I brought some bits home and I managed to scrap a small jigsaw book. I wanted to show a way to use the BIG book ringsI now stock andI think it has turned out quite nice. I'll try and take a photo later.

Have to think of something for the class tomorrow, I think we'll do a tag accordion card/book.It is getting so hard to think of something to teach them every week, especially as it's cards and they all have a liking for peel offs!! I have tried to get them into scrapbookig but to no avail. Which reminds me,I was offered another job a few weeks ago, a Craft Coordinator for the Council,it would be 10 hours a week but I can't fit it in now. They said they would hold it open for me until I know what I'm doing but I don'tknow if I fancy it, they would want me to teach on top of that aswell and find more tutors. I find that I'm losing patience for cards and just want to concentrate on scrapbooking,and they want card classes and parchment and sometimes even table decorations!

Anyway, must go shower and get myself off to the shop,I think Elizabeth is coming this morning.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I've been tagged

This is going to be difficult I think looking at the questions! Here goes:

First time you got kissed:
OOh I can't remember, probably when I was about 14, my mum had a restaurant in a local nightclub and I helped out from about the age of 13 so it was probably one of the glass collectors there!!!

First time you drove a car:
I have yet to experience this. I need to learn to drive but don't really want to

First time you scrapbooked: when you look at your page do you love it?
I was a member of one of those book clubs which suck you in with a good offer then send you crappy books for years.They sent me a book on scrapbooking andI loved it, my first pages were A4 and involved lots of stickers, decoratine edged cissors and cropping the photos into interesting shapes like stars and hearts. I can't stand to look at them now and am changing a lot of them

First time you went on a date: where did you go, and with who?
OOh, probably with one of the afore mentioned glass collectors, and as we both worked in a nightclub we probably didn't "go" anywhere. Oh, I remember going to the rival nightclub to count heads to report back cos then we got in free!

First time you cooked for someone: was it yummy?
I made a cake for the glass collector when he left to join the Army, I was heart broken for a week! Proper cooking, meals and stuff would be when I met my husband, Nasser. We were living in Germany and I was a veggie and he only ate halal meat so we had a lot of veggie stuff, but we didn't have kids then so we had time and money and used to eat out a lot.

First time you got on a plane: where did you go? Were you scared?
I was 16 and we went to Florida, wasn't nervous, even when there was a problem,the under carriage wouldn't go back up and the plane had to dump all the fuel and land again. It delayed us for hours and they gave us all a £5 voucher!!

First time you shaved your legs: did you cut yourself?
I think I was about 13 and wish I hadn't started then as there probably wasn't much there! Used an electric shaver and was scared that I would cut myself. Only manage to do it now in the summer!!

First time you put on make up: looking back how did you do? Did you look good or like a clown?
I had a really good book from M&S by Barbara Daly so don't think I looked that bad! Used to spend aged getting ready to go work in the nightclub. I had a lot of electric blue mascara and cerise lippy.

First time you moved out of your home: was it an apartment, house, etc?
I left home at 18 to go to Uni in Luton, I wanted to get the furthest away from home that I could! Rented a room with a Baby Belling cooker plugged into a socket and a tiny plastic sink! Then moved into a shared house which was a bit better. Then moved to Germany and lived in a flat above a shop with Nasser, when we came to England we rented a council house for 3 years until we bought out first house which we are in now

I have a Kirsty Wiseman original

I received a fabby paint can today, decorated by Kirsty for my birthday. It is so gorgeous and so me, Lollipop Shoppe is my favourite BG paper and I love all the ribbons and blossoms. Kirsty is such a talent and so lovely, she rang me today too and I feel so honoured to have this in my sweaty little mitts! I'm off to lick it some more!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

swimming in a sea of paper bags

Had to unpack boxes and out the shop back together again today, in between customers, anwering the phone, entertaining reps and packing orders, phew - no wonder I'm exhausted!!

Had a lovely lady ring me up today saying that she had placed an order yesterday and could she pay over the phone, she said that she found me in google and chose me because she has a good friend called Caroline, so glad I'm not called Barbara then!! Iloveit when people tell me how they found the shop, in fact I now have a feature on the website which asks customers where they heard about us.

Had people visiting the shop and ringing up to ask about paperbag books after the success of them at the show. Surprising how many people had not heard of them or seen them before. Must remember to pick up the white bags tomorrow, have managed to find some the same size as the brown ones just white.

Big Brother was fab tonight, quite shocking really how they turned on Chantelle and Preston, everyone was lying for the same reason yet they pick on them. Can't stand Pete and rapidly going off George,never liked Barrymore. I think I want Preston or Chantelle to win.

Monday, January 23, 2006

there's no business, like show business

Well after a lot of packing of kits and boxes the show went very well.
Not mega busy but better than last time and a lot of fun.
Claire came to help and she was fantastic, she has a great speil all about paperbag books and she never got fed up of explaining about them to every customer! They allloved the books she had made and if I had had the AMM tool totes inI could have sold loads,when they saw Claire's all loaded up they were drooling!

I spent some birthday money on goodies for me, got a Colorbok folder full of stickers, some of them are a bit naff but I can use all the alphabet ones and I loved the folder!! Also got some gorgeous paper flowers,I loved them,bought Claire and my mum some, just hope they liked them as much as I did! Found the Blonde Moments papers, a few Urban Lily, some stiches rubber stamps, buttons, Debbie Moore embossing magic powder, alphabet stamps,Frills big brads, ribbon-think thats it.

Went to a trade warehouse today, anything but unpack all the boxes and put the shop back! Got to do all that tomorrow.It took us ages to find,my mum gets lost easily!! Bought some nice paper flowers and ribbons and other bits,need to add them tomorrow.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Happy bloody Birthday to me

Well another year older and bugger all from DH again

Got loads to do today,a craft show to get ready for tomorrow and orders to pack

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

can't think of a title

Well Simon has done some of the changes to my website,I have a scrolling thing for news, the gallery is now integrated into the shop,I can use vouchers and discount codes and I can now accept PayPal! Heres going to change how it looks a little bit but keep my colours because everyone loves the purple! I have to have a play now and learn how to use evrything, PayPal terrifies me having never used it before.

It all kicked off last night at UKS again, and the community forum has gone for a while until they work out what to do. It's quite sad really,I used to love UKS and was there a lot of the time but now I don't feel like I belong there anymore. I hope things change and it becomes more like it used to be but to be honest, I can't see that happenning.It's just got too big.

Got loads to do today, have to make up lots of kits for a show on Sunday and my lovely friend MGC is coming all the way from Manchester to help me, I love her!! Bought 1000's of paper bags yesterday and have more to pick up on Friday, I have also found some white bags, so that will give customers more choice. Have paper bag kits to make up as I have none left now and people keep asking when I will have more in. Hopefully will be able to sort it out today,but if the new papers arrive today I will have to make them into kits too. I need more than 24 hours in a day!!

Oh well,off to work....

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ch ch changes!

Feel like I have achieved something today!! Still loads more to do but I made a start.
I am having a revamp of the website, a bit of a makeover!! I'm also going to specialise a bit more in altered arts.Ooh, I have some gorgeous Maya Road stuff coming too,don't know if I'll actually be able to bring myself to sell it or keep it all for ME!!!

Ali came home from school and told me this today:

"When I was 4 years old my Fairy Godmother asked me if I wanted a long memory or a long willy, I can't remember what I told her"!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Treating myself

Had a lovely crop at the shop yesterday.The only trouble when I have crops is that I get to have a good nosy in other peoples stash and I inevitabley end up going on a shopping spree when I get home!! So far I've treated myself to the new Tote and Shoulder Bag by AMM in pink and brown from I've seen some gorgeous stuff from Maya Road that I'm going to buy until my own trade shipment arrives, has some lovely ribbon slides and other bits that are going into my shopping basket when I have finished with this entry!! Still,it is my birthday on Saturday,so this can be my present to myself!

Been finishing off the star book Jane helped me to make on Saturday, it's looking good!! Everyone liked my dome aperture box I had decorated!! They even said I should send it in to the Basic Grey gallery,we shall see!! If only I could work out how to see my new camera to get good close up shots!

Watched Ella Enchanted DVD tonight with Layla,it was quite good actually,better than I thought it would be. We tried watching Lemony Snickett the night before but I gave up and went to watch BB, what the heck is that film all about?!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Elaine

It's my sisters birthday today,so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELAINE, she is 10 years older than me and lives in Spain, in a gorgeous flat with a swimming pool,with her 2 children,I love her to bits and miss her.

Have loads of orders to do today,have to tidy up the shop and prepare for the crop tomorrow, sort a class out for the crop and I have 5 people coming for a blummin card makng class today too.

I was asked to teach at after school clubs a week ago, no chance!! I can just about handle being a tutor for the Council because that is teaching adults but kids? I don't have the patience!! They have been asking me to teach some more scrapbooking courses but until I've got rid of the shop I can't really take anything else on. Last year,I was teaching 3 courses for the Council (scrapbooking, parchment and card making) every week and 2 classes a week at the shop, I wonder now how I did it. It's not just the teaching you have to write the courses yourself,prepare and then marking, phew!!

Must dash, I'm sat here typing again when I should be at the shop!!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Scrapbooker of the Year

I received a box of stash today as a prize for being one of the Top Ten Scrapbookers of the Year in The Scrapbook Magazine. The mag is out on 3 February, can't wait to see what the layouts look like in there. Also hope they send them back to me soon.....

Had a lovely evening online chatting with some wonderful friends -love you all!!

Am thinking of some changes todo with the website, lots of ideas floating about. I think I'm going to specialise a bit more in Altered Art,I added some gorgeous little boxes toady,they would look so nice decorated.

Anyway, I'm off to bed, so tired.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Well we ended up at Meadowhall last night with some friends then we went to Wicker Street to eat. Guess what new shop they have in Meadowhall? LUSH!!! I love this shop and used to buy from them when they were called Cosmetics To Go, many years ago!
I bought some Snow Cake soap-smells like marzipan and icing, it's delish. Some Champagne Shower Jelly - this is a lump of wibbly wobbly jelly to spread on my wibbly wobbly belly in the shower!!! A massage bar to enjoy when the kiddies are asleep!!! Some lip balm,tastes like white choccy and some Honey I Washed The Kids soap.Got a huge bottle of some shower gel free as a special offer too. Can't wait to go back!!

Have to go open up the shop now, got to finish the Monthly Paperbag Book Kits then start on the fibre strips. Then a quick trip to the wholesalers this afternoon to see what goodies they have to tempt me wih.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Eid Mubarak

Have been feeling a bit sad as a lovely lady fromUKScrappers, Debra passed away today, I was lucky to have met Debra at MK Bonanza a few years ago and she was a lovely lady. But even if I had never met her I'm sure I would be feeling just as sad, she has left a husband and three sons and my heart aches for them, I think a lot of us today are thinking "there but for the grace of God, go I" It's also difficult to explain to our "real life" friends or family why we are so upset, especially if we haven't met that person, but I think the bonds we form with online friends can be as strong if not sometimes stronger than those we have with people we have met.I hope you know what I am trying to say!

I hope you rest in peace Debra, and I hope her family and friends can find solace and good memories in Debra's scrapbooks.

On a different note, it's Eid tomorrow, so Happy Eid to anyone reading this who celebrates too, how likely is that one?!! Layla had the day off school today because she was ill so she doesn't want to take the day off tomorrow, I suppose I should be glad she likes school so much! Ali, on the other hand is more than happy to have the day off! Nasser has already said he will do someones garage roof tomorrow,so it's not going to be a very exciting Eid day! If mum will watch the shop then me and Ali will go and viisit some friends in the morning,then I think we will end up at Meadowhall in the evening.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Curry and a Chick Flick

Had a lovely evening last night with my best mate, Sam.We went for a curry first at a lovely little restaurant called Al Raj then onto the cinema. Can't remember the name of the movie, it had Heaven in the title and Reece Witherspoon in the film, it was BRILLIANT. A really lovely easy to watch girly film,I'll definately be buying it when it comes out on DVD. Then we decided to go to New york!! Got chatting and we both fancied it so will be keeping an eye out for bargains.

Got a few scrappers coming into the shop to crop today, so I need to go and clear some tables! I make such a mess when it's just me there fiddling about with kits and stuff.

Finally managed to read upon the Cathy Z class about an encyclopedia of my ordinary life thingy and I really fancy doing it. I have a lovely pink and green kit which I could use, I just need an album. What I really want is a pink suede A4 one which I can add bits to the front of.

It feels cold today and I don't really want to move, but I suppose I'll have to....

Friday, January 06, 2006

Holiday booked

Nasser booked our flights last night,we are going to Lebanon for 6 weeks this summer, all of us together so there shouldn't be any dramas like there was last year!! I'm looking forward to spending time with the family and in our lovely flat but I hope I manage to stay well as I usually get awful tummy problems and even ended upon a drip one year. Last year I took about 4 packets of Imodium and only used 3 or 4 tablets.

Looking out the window now it is so dark and dullI can't imagine the heat and sun we get in Lebanon,we had to have air conditioning put in out bedroom as it was so unbearably hot being the top flat, the aircon is so gorgeous- I love it, it's so fantastic to walk into the room from outside and be instantly cool. I don't think we need to do anything to the flat this time,but no doubt Nasser will find something to do! It's great to have so much space there,wish we could afford the same kind of space here, the living room must be 6 times the size as the one we have here. The marble floors are practical and cool but I must admit to enjoying getting back to carpeted floors after 6 weeks!

I supppose I had better think about something new to cook the family this year, I have made them a full roast dinner with Yorkshire Puddings!!! before and they loved it, but boy , was it hot cooking that in summer!! Last year I made lasagne,salad and garlic bread and had everyone round. But I can't think of what to do now. They also liked the trifle I made one year and a pineapple upside down cake went down very well.

Well, BB is back!! It will be interesting this year,seeme to be so many freaks in though,noone really normal except forRula and George Galloway, and the girls(and Pete Burns) look like clones,bet they'll all be fighting for the mirror in the bathroom.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bag Lady...

I really must go and pick up the 750 paper bags I ordered today, I am so glad to have found such a local supplier, they always ask me what I am doing with them as I buy so many(500 just before Christmas and I don't have one left now hence the need to go and pick up more). I really must remember to take a finished book to show them. They seem very confused when I try and explain we make them into little books!! Think they are more used to their customers using them for sweets or veggies!

Half day today at the shop, thank goodness for that -I need a rest after yesterday, not used to this working lark after a lovely break! I can hopefully get someof the new stuff on the site this afternoon,I need to make some new fibre packs up too. I have loads of gorgeous balls of fibres imported from Turkey,they are so lush I don't want to sell them!

As most people are taking their decs and lights down we will be putting ours up( if I can find them!) as it will be Eid soon. I need to buy the kids an outfit each,but we are not buying loads of pressies as they had some at Christmas and then Eid was about 8 weeks before that and we bought them all sorts them. We have just decorated Ali's bedroom and he bought some DVD cupboards from Ikea at the weekend and one is full and the other is empty so I think we'll buy him some DVD's. Layla's room next!! I am sick of the house being in disarray, we need to do Layla's room, a new bathroom, finish the kitchen Nasser started 3 years ago, then the back room and the hall, oh and our bedroom needs finishing after 5 years, then just the small matter of converting the loft so I can set up shop there and close the bloody shop! Not much to do then....

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 2

Almost forgot I had started this blog!

Was up very late last night,but it was worth it! I have somewhere that feels like"home"now -thank you.XX

Lots of orders to pack again, just nipped home to delete some stuff that has sold out in the sale.

Had alovely new customer in the shop today, she lives in Germany and is married to a soldier, she said she can't buy much over there so wants to live in England and come to my crops and leave her hubby there! We had a lovely chat about when I used to live in Germany.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Well I did it anyway....

I have been thinking about getting a blog for along time and have finally given in!
What a day today has been!! A good friend of mine wasn't treated very nicely because of me in an indirect sort of way :( But hopefully it's all sorted now:) We both believe in Karma.......

I spent a few hours in the shop packing orders ready to be posted tomorrow, despite not being officially open until tomorrow when we start our HUGE sale, a customer popped in as she saw the shutters up and lights on!

Nipped into town with Layla later on as she needed some new clothes, she grows out of them so quickly, then back home to sort out some new packs of blossoms for the shop as I have sold out completely.

Don't think I am really ready to go back to work tomorrow!!! It has been so nice to just relax and chill for a few days. Although at first I couldn't get used to it, On Christmas Eve when I had packed the last orders and cleaned the house I was like "OK what do I do now"!!! I was not used to not having anything to do!Soon got used to it though!