Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well we took Ali for a metting at his new school yesterday and he loved it, thank goodness for that! It was the school I used to go to and one of the teachers there remembered me. The head of year seemed really nice, a lot more caring than the place he's at now. He is starting Monday and it is activites week,so a week of Art, then the following week it's his trip to France with the old school - so he's got a cushy few weeks!!
We bought sweatshirts and ties for Ali andLayla because she is starting there in September too. They have been practising tying the ties all evening as they have never had one before,I actually remembered how to tie one and I haven't done that since I was 18!!
We went to Frankie & Benny's for tea, it was yummy yum yum!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I want some sun

Fed up with the weather here, the south seems to have had loads of sun but we haven't had a glimpse for well over 10 days, no rain but just dull days. It's not fair!!
I know I'll probably be moaning that its too hot in a months time when we are in Lebanon! But I can always go and sit in my bedroom then with my lovely AC!

Not a lot been happenning here, we're taking Ali to see his new school today then he can start the day after if he likes, we have just heard that Layla has aplace there too in September,so that's good.

I have started a blog for the shop which you can see here please go and visit and leave comments

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

fat bloater

Don't know whats wrong with me today, I can't seem to stop eating!! Feel so hungry, wonder why? Wonder if it's got something to do with the moon!
Been in a strange mood all day though, couldn't concentrate on anything and had a felling of impending doom, hope nothing bad is going to happen. The last time I felt like this there was a nasty incident (7/7)
So I'm now watching Big Brothers Big Mouth and hoping a bit of trashy TV will snap me out of this mood.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Yep gripped by BB fever again!
Went to Sam's house and had our usualtake away and BB eviction night session, what a cow that Grace was to throw a glass of water over Susie- great telly though!!
I'm now back home,watching BB live and surfing on my lap top.
Got lots of kits to finish at the shop tomorrow, I'm going to out together another 12x12 kit with bonus paper bag kits as June's kit has soldout so quickly and people are still asking for one,so if I make a bonus kit up and double the number for July I should be OK.
Got some more Tim Holtz ink pads and inks today,so need to find time to play,I never get past a certain part of his DVD as he always sends me to sleep with his dulcet tones!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

busy again

Don't know where the time goes,but it is flying just lately.
It doesn't seem that long since our last visit to Lebanon and now we are getting ready to go again! We need to go and do all the shampoo,shower gel,sun cream etc shopping this week, we always take plenty as it is better quality stuff from here than what you can buy there and its expensive there too.
I need to buy a few pressies, as we usually go every year now we have decided not to buy pressies for everyone as they filled up our cases last year, there are a lot of kids to buy for!! So we are just taking specific things which people ask for this time. I need to get a bikini and underwear for my sister in law-Hala as things like that can be expensive. I then need to think of an English meal to cook for them,each year I make something different and the troops pile into our flat for dinner,I don't mind at all but it is getting harder to think of something.

Have been sorting out our house here lately, just need to empty the back room and start the mammoth task of moving the shop here, it will have to be done before we go away because I refuse to pay 5 weeks rent when I won't be there.
The website has been very busy lately,I have been utilising the Articles section and adding various instructions for paperbag books which has proven to be useful for customers.I made a cute little mini book yesterday from one sheet of Snippetz so I need to photograph that and add it to the site.
The funky peeloffs have been very popular,I have to put another order in for them today, they are peeloffs but not as you know em!