Friday, November 24, 2006


Well we are looking at houses today,bit nervous and I hope everything goes through ok. I rang my sister in Spain last night and we were both looking at estate agents websites at the same time and oohing and ahhing over one particular house, we are going to view it tomorrow,fingers crossed please!

The kids have had yesterday off school as it was progress day where we go in and see how they have done, we were really pleased with both of them,they are both doing really well and working hard and are a pleasure to teach apparently. Well don't know what happens when they walk through the door at home then!! I was really strange to walk round the school again as its the same school I used to go to- very strange, even some of the teachers are still there and there remember me, don't know why because I was ever so quiet :)

Well,more sorting out to be done of the "shop" in the back room today.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A bit of good news at last

Well I haven't blogged personally for a long time as I haven't had anything nice to blog about! We just seem to be going from one bit of bad news to another lately, and I don't want to write about things like that.

Hopefully, if I think more positively good things will happen, well thats the theory anyway!

The news wasn't too good yesterday though, a member of the Lebanese government was assasinated in Beirut which isn't good for the stability of the government or the country. It's not nice having half of your family there and hearing more bad news. I just hope things settle down, we were thinking of going for Christmas but Nas doesn't think its a good idea to travel there right now.

Anyway,my good news. I went to town today and was looking at the mags in Smiths, I picked up The Scrapbook Magazine and put it down again, walked away and then something made me go back.I read on the cover that they had announced the finalists of the Scrapbooker of The Year competition which I had entered again. I was one of the top ten last year. Well, I opened the mag and saw one of my entries there!!! I managed to not scream in the middle of a packed shopping centre!! They have printed 20 finalists entries and the readers have to vote for their favourite. You can vote online here:
So I will be nervously awaiting the results!! They will be printed in next months edition.

Theres a scan of my entry in the mag at the top there.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Well, what a day!

I have had today. I have had a lot to think about these past couple of days but came to a decision tonight. I have left a lot of good friends on a site which used to feel like home and while I am feeling sad about it I will move on. A very good friend of mine left too but not sure if anyone has noticed yet, for totally unrelated reasons but I am glad today is over. Onwards and upwards as they say!