Friday, February 09, 2007


Well we have snow today,not sur if it will last till the morning though, hope so as I need those photos!

There is a bug on the hospital ward Uncle Phillip is on,hope he doesn't catch it, he really doesn't need something else to fight.

Must say that the level of care on this ward is very different to that on the ICU.
I had to ask a nurse tonight if they would make him more comfortable as he had slipped down the bed and wasn't propped up on any pillows at all and I was met with a sigh and that they had done it numerous times already. I suppose you could say it is Uncle Phillips fault as he thinks he can get out of bed and go home so as he tries to move he slips but its not as if he knows logically he can't get up.

Once we get him talking about something he is OK,I asked him about his last holiday in Las Vegas and he told us all about it but once his attention has gone he starts saying that he's going home. It's very very hard to se him like this.

I keep thinking of things we can take in for him to focus on,I think I'll get some holiday brochures of Las Vegas and see if they help and I've promised to bring him some Chocolate Orange as he likes that, I took him some biscuits tonight and he said they were junk LOL!

He does make us chuckle sometimes,he seems to have lost his tact as he says things like that nurse over there is a fat cow and look at that old codger over there.

We just want him back how he was.

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