Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Uncle Phillip is making great progress, thank God.
Yesterdays visit and todays were really fabulous!
He is making much more sense now and is a lot less confused.
He does say the odd strange thing still but not as much as before.
He desperately wants to go home though,keeps saying he is so bored, but at least he realises he is in hospital now.
He can manage to get up from bed and into the chair next to the bed,which is much more than we expected at this stage. I think his natural stubborness has proved to be helpful!
He can read, tell the time and write.
I must say though that I am not impressed with the hospital, we have been told hardly anything and it is only through us trying to see if he could read and write that we know that he can. There are not enough staff and there has been an outbreak of a bug on the ward.
I have never agreed with private health care before but after seeing the state the hospitals are in now I would be very tempted to consider it in future.
The care on ICU was fabulous but just seems like this ward is a huge jump and not as caring really. Not entirely the hospitals fault, there must be a severe lack of funding, I have voted Labour all my life but don't think I will again, could never bring myself to vote Conservative though so maybe the Monster Raging Looney or whatever it is called will get my vote next!

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