Saturday, March 03, 2007

Moving on

It must be about 6 years ago when I received a book from a book club about this hobby called scrapbooking, I thought it looked interesting and we had recently bought a computer and had access to the internet for the first time so I did a search for scrapbooking and found lots of US sites but not many UK ones. I did find a yahoo group and joined that and junped into scrapbooking head first. That site became the UKScrappers we now know today,I started a market stall selling painted glass and a bit of card making stuff, which grew into a bigger stall, then a shop and a website,and now a website and a forum. Along the way I joined different forums, made friends, chatted you name it. But I found that the very reason I joined these sites "scrapbooking" got lost somehow. Being busy chatting and running a business I haven't actually had a lot of time to actually indulge in the hobby that started all this.

I am also fed up of the rumours and back biting involved, I suppose anywhere where you have a large gathering of women falling outs will occur and I have been guilty of joining in too, I've had my fair share of disagreements with people. But you know what, probably 99% of these people I have never actually met. That made me think, no matter how amazing the internet is for allowing us to "meet" people and "make friends" it is all a series of typed conversations,where emotions and tone of voice cannot always be understood and paranoia can set in so easily.

Then I get to thinking of the recent "real life" events I have had to cope with lately, the war in Lebanon and my Uncle being very ill brought it home to me that this is not a dress rehearsal this is it, we only have one shot at life. So I have decided to rethink a few things and if I have upset anyone in the past for any reason, whether intentionally or intentionally I am sorry. I have decided to not get too involved with anyone again,then I won't get upset if something goes wrong. It's hard enough to cope with "real" upsets in life without setting myself up for more.

So, I have deleted all my contacts in msn, deleted all my emails and pm's and have decided to start afresh so to speak, if anyone feels that I have upset them in the past or feels that I "don't like them" that is genuinely not the case. Starting from today I have nothing against anyone, have no "sides" to take and will look for the good in everyone,the bad is no business of mine.

This will be the last post here, as I kind of feel that I am starting a new "chapter" in my life I have started a new blog,if anyone wants to look feel free and heres to kicking the "scrapping" out of scrapbooking, I am getting back to the joys of this hobby I started years ago.Oh, and I did a layout today :)


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Sprogpaws said...

Proud of you, chick.